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Wideband Training & Certification System (WTCS) Version 2

Agency: Department of the Army
Level of Government: Federal
  • 69 - Training Aids and Devices
Opps ID: NBD00159987473690847
Posted Date: Feb 10, 2019
Due Date: Mar 8, 2019
Solicitation No: WTCSVERSION2
Source: https://www.fbo.gov/index.php?...
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Sources Sought
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Added: Feb 09, 2019 6:50 pm Modified: Feb 09, 2019 6:55 pm Track Changes
TITLE: Wideband Training and Certification System Version 2.0 (WTCS Version 2.0 (Ver 2.0). Sources Sought Notice (SSN)


Market Research is being conducted to find sources that can meet the requirements to enhance and upgrade the existing the Wideband Training and Certification System (WTCS) baseline; to include but not limited to: update, add, and integrate software releases; update the technical data package; and produce, field and test additional devices.

The intent of this Sources Sought Notice (SSN) is to request Capability Statements from respondents interested in participating (as a Prime or Subcontractor) in the forthcoming acquisition for the Wideband Training and Certification System Version 2.0 (WTCS Ver 2.0. Capability Statements will be reviewed by the Government for the purpose of supplementing current market research, as well as to inform the WTCS Ver 2.0 acquisition strategy. Only experienced/qualified potential offerors should respond to this SSN.


The Government is contemplating conducting an Industry Day for WTCS Ver 2.0, which may include a demonstration, by the Government, of the current WTCS. Respondents to this SSN are requested to identify, in its capabilities statement, whether they would be interested in participating in an Industry Day and demonstration of the current WTCS. Respondent's interest will determine whether an Industry Day will be conducted.


The current WTCS contract was awarded on the basis of full and open competition to Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation. A determination regarding the overall acquisition strategy/competitive approach (e.g. Full & Open, Small Business Set-Aside) for WTCS Ver 2.0 has yet to be determined. However, it is anticipated that WTCS Ver 2.0 will be issued as a Single Award Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contract and will include Fixed Price and Cost Plus Delivery Orders. The estimated value of the Contract is $48.5M, with an anticipated 5 year period of performance. Award is anticipated in the second quarter of FY20.


The Program Executive Office for Simulation Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) has a requirement to modernize the Wideband Training and Certification System (WTCS), currently being produced and fielded by Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation. The WTCS is an interactive training system for the Army's Satellite Controllers, Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 25S 1C. The WTCS trains satellite controllers on the Wideband Satellite Operating Management System (WSOMS) and its associated subsystems. It supports initial training for the MOS 25s 1C at the United States Army Cyber Center of Excellence (USACCoE) and sustainment training for the civilian and military controller personnel at the Wideband Satellite Operations Centers.

WTCS Ver 2.0 upgrades and modifications will be provided to the United States Army Cyber Center of Excellence (USACCoE), Wideband Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Communications Operation Centers (WSOCs), Regional SATCOM Support Centers (RSSCs), Consolidated Satellite System Expert (C-SSE), 1st Space Brigade, 53rd Signal Battalion, and the Integration Team (IT). With the exception of the IT, the WTCS Ver 2.0 will be used for operator certification and sustainment training and the WTCS at the IT shall be used for testing. This WTCS Ver 2.0 effort will be based on the existing WTCS baseline that involves a combination of software virtualization, application simulations, data stimulation, Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI), and Learning Management System (LMS) to support WSOMS task training, evaluation, and certification activities completed at the WSOC, RSSC, C-SSE, 1st Space Brigade, 53rd Signal Battalion, IT, and USACCoE locations.

Satellite control and training are built around fast moving, constantly changing requirements. The WTCS must be kept up-to-date to support training in the dynamic environment of satellite control.


a. Upgrade and modify the existing WTCS baseline to incorporate software developmental changes of the WSOMS sub-systems to correspond to the current material release versions.

b. Provide a networked training capability between all locations except the CCoE.

c. Ensure WTCS Ver 2.0 meets Government defined requirements for Cybersecurity and the Department of Defense (DoD) Risk Management Framework (RMF), with the upgraded system classification of "Secret."

d. Produce, install, test, and conduct training at all locations.

e. Update system documentation, training modules and Electronic Technical Manuals.

f. Update the LMS and IMI as new enhancements or modifications are made to the WTCS baseline.


1. For the first delivery order, the WTCS will be incorporated into the WSOMS network. To accomplish this delivery order, the contractor shall at a minimum:

a. Conform to the WSOMS network infrastructure requirements. This includes conforming to WSOMS Network (WSOMSNet) Public Key Infrastructure requirements.

b. Conduct an analysis of bandwidth, processing time, risks and capabilities requirements for the system to be deployed on a WSOMS network infrastructure.
c. Provide a networked training capability between all locations except the USACCoE at Ft Gordon and the WIC.

d. Provide a networked testing capability between multiple WTCS nodes.

e. Comply with requirements for separation of CLASSIFIED and UNCLASSIFIED components at WSOC location

The second delivery order shall include installation of the WTCS in the RSSCs, C-SSE, and with the Integration Team (IT).


Respondents are requested to provide capability statements, not to exceed twenty (20) pages, including the cover sheet. Font shall be Government standard 12-point Arial. The cover page should include company name, address, and points of contact, including phone numbers and email addresses. The Government requests capability statements be provided, via email NLT 3:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST), on Friday 8 March 2019 to Francis Sierra (Contract Specialist) at: francis.d.sierra.civ@mail.mil with a copy to lisa.t.bird.civ@mail.mil .

Responses should include the following information:

1. Describe your approach to meeting the objectives defined in this Notice, and specifically describe software, hardware and technical data from the current WTCS contract, the potential offeror may need to fulfill the objectives of WTCS Ver 2.0, described in this Notice.

2. Information relating to the company and personnel that would be assigned to this effort. Also indicate whether personnel have direct (past and current) wideband satellite communication expertise and experience, as relates to the defense satellite communications system and wideband global satcom system, and possess the design and production capabilities to meet the requirements specified in this Notice.

3. The Government desires non-proprietary solutions for WTCS Ver 2.0, with (at minimum) Government Purpose Rights (GPR) for Software Hardware and Technical Data (to the maximum extent practicable). Respondents are requested to address whether its potential solution for WTCS Ver 2.0 would include a proprietary or non-proprietary solution, and if its potential solution would (at minimum) Include GPR for planned Software, Hardware and Technical Data delivered.

Responses to the above Intellectual Property/Software and Technical Data Rights question (2) will be utilized for the purpose of Market Research and to inform the Government's acquisition strategy. A
ny potential Solicitation for WTCS Ver 2.0. will include the appropriate Federal Regulations (FAR, DFARS) regarding applicable Software and Technical Data Rights Assertions of Use, Release, or Disclosure Restrictions (e.g. DFARS 252.227-7017, etc.).

Additionally, the Government is aware that there may be certain inherit restrictions/limitations, relating to commercial hardware, software and technical data (e.g. Software Licenses, Commercial Manuals & Publications, etc.), that would render obtaining a solution that is 100% non-proprietary, with 1000% Government Purpose Rights (GPR), difficult, or potentially impossible. The Government welcomes any questions, comments and/or clarification questions, pertaining to the Government's desire to receive a non-proprietary solution with GPR for WTCS Ver 2.0.

4. A Rough Order Magnitude (ROM) that identifies the labor categories, labor rates, material, and indirect costs (e.g. Overhead, G&A, etc.) to accomplish the objectives identified in this document. To clarify the Government is not requesting respondents provide a Cost/Price Proposal, complete with a Basis of Estimates, or a Work Breakdown Structure, as would be requested in a formal Request for Proposal. Please contact Mr. Francis Sierra for any questions regarding the Government's request for a ROM.

5. All responses should be unclassified and marked appropriately. All responses should be compatible with Microsoft Office 2013.


Respondents are requested to provide a statement indicating its Business Size Standard, Socio-Economic Category (if applicable) and registered NAICS Code(s),
in accordance with the current WTCS contract NAICS 333318 , Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing and NAICS Code 541512, Computer Systems Design Services. Although the current NAICS Code, under the existing WTCS Contract, is 333318 , Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing; the Government is contemplating a change to the NAICS from 333318 to 541512, Computer Systems Design Services. Respondents are requested to provide input regarding the Government's potential NAICS change, to include any potential impacts (Positive or Negative) and encouraged to provide information regarding related NAICS Code(s) respondents may have performed under for efforts similar to the WTCS Ver 2.0 requirements described below.

If the respondent is classified as a small business, under either of the aforementioned NAICS (333318, 541512), and are interested in participating as a prime contractor for the WTCS Ver 2.0 acquisition, respondents are requested to describe its plan to meet the limitations on subcontracting per FAR 52.219-14, Limitations on Subcontracting. If the respondent is a small business and is only interested in subcontracting opportunities, respondents are requested to specify the requirements they are interested in supporting. The Government welcomes all questions, comments, and clarifications relating to the described WTCS Ver 2.0 requirement, as it will assist the Government with completion of its market research, as well as inform the overarching acquisition strategy.

7. Questions, comments or clarifications need to be provided to the Government, NLT than 3:30 EST, on Friday 1 March 2019, to ensure respondents have adequate time to complete its capabilities statements (due Friday 8 March 2019).

8. Marketing material is not a sufficient response and is not desired for inclusion in responses.

: This notice does not constitute an invitation for bids or a Request for Proposal (RFP) and is not a commitment by the U.S. Government to procure subject products. No solicitation document exists at this time. The submission of this information is for PLANNING PURPOSES ONLY. The information received from respondents WILL NOT obligate the Government in any manner, nor will the Government reimburse companies for any costs associated with submittal of this responses to this SSN. This SSN does not constitute an Invitation for Bid or a Request for Proposals, nor should it be considered as a commitment on the part of the Government. Any information obtained as a result of this SSN is intended to be used by the Government on a non-attribution basis for program planning, acquisition strategy development, statement of work/statement of objectives, and performance specifications.

: Primary - Mr. Francis Sierra francis.d.sierra.civ@mail.mil , (407) 208-3317, Alternate - Mr. Phil Davis, Procuring Contracting Officer, (407) 384-5335, phillip.b.davis16.civ@mail.mil .

Primary - Ms. Lisa Bird, Lisa.t.bird.civ@mail.mil , (407) 384-5533. Alternate - Mr. Ben Little, Benjamin.j.little.civ@mail.mil , (407) 208-3438.

Contracting Office Address :
12211 Science Drive
Orlando, Florida 32826-3224
United States
Place of Performance :
12211 Science Dr.
Orlando, Florida 32826
United States
Primary Point of Contact. :
Phillip B. Davis,
Branch Chief/Contracting Officer
Phone: 4073845335
Secondary Point of Contact :
Francis D. Sierra Torres,
Contract Specialist
Phone: 4072083317
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Sources Sought
Original Posted Date:
February 9, 2019
Posted Date:
February 9, 2019
Response Date:
Mar 08, 2019 3:30 pm Eastern
Original Response Date:
Mar 08, 2019 3:30 pm Eastern
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Classification Code:
69 -- Training aids & devices
333 -- Machinery Manufacturing/333318 -- Other Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing


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